Way back at the beginning of 2011, I began a weight loss mission. You can check out my misdeeds and failures under the ‘2011 Archive’ section.  Luckily for you all, my mission was cut short by the unexpected but happy news that I was expecting another wee fairy . . .

*fast forward a year or so* And, here we go again, but this time I’m expecting much more involvement from you all. Myself (@LittleFairyCult) and my best friend and neighbour (@ohmy_cupcakes) have set ourselves a target of running a 5KM charity race in October. You can keep up-to-date with our training and progress under the ‘2012 Healthiness’ section.

If you have any healthy recipes you feel you need to share with us to help us on our way, please email them to me at sandra@littlefairycult.co.uk so we can share them with everybody.

Now for the fun part . . . If you are a member of Pinterest you will totally get this next bit . . . We all love the gazillions of craft projects and nifty makes that we find on there, we all have a bazillion different boards to keep all these new found awesome tutorials in some semblance of organisation, so, you know, we can actually make these amazing things. Next question – hands up who has actually ever got round to doing anything on any of their boards on Pinterest? C’mon, admit it, we never do. I have actually made a few things and so has my good friend Malin (@malinvk). So the premise for this little part of my blog is to pick an awesome tutorial, gather the ingredients, so to speak, and get crafty. Head on over to the ‘Pinterest Projects’ section and find out all about it.

If you have Twitter, join in the 2012 healthiness using the hashtag #LittlerFairies and join in the Pinterest fun using the hashtag #PinFairies.


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